Weight Loss And Green Tea


Facts you didn’t know about green tea and weight loss!


Can a single food protect you from all the dietary health issues?  The simple answer is No.

However, the diet plays a major role in human lifestyle as a means of prevention of diseases. A balanced diet that is free from excess calories could reduce the risk and vulnerability for many diseases. In this scenario, the beverages we consume plays an important role in the diet, yet a neglected component by many.  Inappropriate beverage consumption could lead to excess intake of calories and minerals which would ultimately lead to hypertension and obesity of individuals. On the other hand, the world of beverages is on a fast track, where all the fancy drinks are introduced to the market on regular basis and the consumers no longer know what is safe and what is not safe for consumption. Under this complex scenario, green tea comes as a handy alternative that is healthy and all natural. This beverage is an absolute wonder of nature as it wrapped up with an amazing combination of chemicals which you cannot find elsewhere.

Green tea is a beverage prepared from the tender shoots of Tea plant (Camellia sinensis) and gets its name due to the emerald green brew it gets after brewing. This tea is produced without fermentation and through minimal processing techniques, compared to other tea types. As a result, most of the leaf chemicals remain intact and preserved, making it one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. The most reflective benefit of green tea is the anti-oxidative property resulted by the chemical group known as catechins. Anti-oxidants are capable of neutralizing harmful (carcinogenic) free radicals of the body and thereby protecting our body in numerous ways.   On the other hand, a typical cup of green tea does not contain any specific amount of calories, sugars or minerals, thus you don’t need to worry about the excess calorie intake you might get with any other regular drink. In addition to these, green tea is also known for the inherent caffeine content. However, it is important to know that unlike coffee, the caffeine from green tea would only give you mild stimulation whilst helping you to improve concentration and relaxation. This happens due to an impact resulted by specific amino acid combination available in tea.

However, to answer our initial question, as to how the green tea would help you to loos weigh? Especially when you are on a weight loss diet? We have to focus on some info in detail.

First of all, green tea is a great alternative to regular sugary soft drinks and coffees and has absolutely negligible amounts of calories. Once you get used to the natural taste notes of this refreshingly sweet tea, you will need it more, and this way it will make a difference in your daily consumption pattern. This is the first step in making a change towards losing your weight by careful selection of your daily intake of calories and you can make it a part of your weight loss diet. In addition to these,  research has found that catechins and also the caffeine in green tea have a positive impact on weight loss and weight management (International Journal of Obesity (2009)). The literature on this area suggests that the positive impact occurs as the catechins could regulate the fat oxidation process and on the other hand the caffeine could act as a stimulant that improves exercise performance and aids fat burning in the process.

For an ending note, it is a must to understand that no single food can protect you from all your health problems. Therefore keep in mind to balance your life not only with tea but also with a healthy diet, exercise and more importantly a peaceful mind!