About Our Company

Tea Senders source all our teas through member organizations of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Ethical Tea Partnership has a goal to provide consumers with a totally transparent perspective on where tea is grown and manufactured. All aspects of the quality of lives for those living and working on tea estates is covered including fair compensation health coverage, housing and childcare.

The ETP runs monitoring and improvement programmes to help tea producers improve against the Ethical Tea Partnership Global Standard, and all audits are carried out by independent third-part auditors. Whilst similar to Fair trade, the ETP is totally focussed on tea and is able to address the many individual nuances and regional peculiarities within the tea trade. ETP also differs from Fair Trade in that its primary focus isn't economics, but is also very much led by the social and environmental aspects of the tea trade. This approach is helpful as where higher prices are paid in developing countries it addresses the concern of unscrupulous companies bolstering lost margins further along the supply chain.

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Our Mission 

TEA SENDERS works relentlessly to offer our tea lovers the best online shopping experience in the purchase of tea. We have a mission to be the world’s most respected private label tea company, by providing exceptional services and products to our customers.


I can taste the freshness

That’s the response we get from our customers. And its the response we wish to replicate when you become a customer of ours.


Fresh Tea Delivered To You

We have developed the software to monitor our inventory closely. Most teas are only on our shelves a couple of weeks so we can provide you with the freshest teas available. The package is supplied with a Best By date for maximum product enjoymen.t


Superior customer service

We aim to process the order within 24 hours. with delivery as soon as possible after order placement, this is a fully automated system working 24 hours per day 7 days per week.